Get Organized

Keep, Trash, Donate

We all keep things, just because... 

  • "I might wear that one day." 
  • "I might need that sometime."
  • "I got that back when..."
  • "It reminds me of..."

So, let me be the impartial party to bring an honest (maybe brutal) opinion. 

Hourly Rate $100  

  • Sort through what you have.
    • Keep what is still in style + fits.
    • Donate what is old.
    • Trash what is stained or torn.
  • Divide what you are keeping into categories 
    • What fits stays - is it clean?
    • What stays but doesnt fit - Pin and tailor.
    • Organize by category/type/ season/color - depending on your wardrobe and what is most logical and functional for you. 
  • Utilize containers to keep things neat and tidy, even when in a hurry.

Let Me Help

I will be as hands-on as you want me to be. I can help organize what you have or I can help sort through and help to fix what you are keeping.

You can participate or not; that is entirely up to you. I can assist or I can fully do.