Catfish's Delights

Progression of the business

My Business Before Official Incorporation

  • At the age of 12, I started to paint at home. 
  • Hand sketching, using inspiring imagery from greeting cards and designing my own whimsical scenes. 

Family Members' Birthday Gifts

  • My first piece was a canvas tote for my grandmother on Mother's Day, it was of individual wild flowers. 
  • All bags were a design on one side with their name on the reverse side. 

Morgan Park Academy Santa Secret Shop

  • I developed different products each year to sell during the holiday season to students. 
  • My products gained popularity through word of mouth.
  • I gave a portion of the proceeds back to the school. 

Commissioned Products

  • I began to get custom tote bag orders
    • Piano Music
    • Irish Dance
    • Trick or Treat 
    • Birthday Goodie

Mural Projects

  • I began my mural gigs with a family friend's bedroom. 
  • Small businesses - Dance Studio 
  • Homes - Kitchen/ Bathrooms
  • Children's Room/Playrooms